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Protect native species, landscapes and ecosystems as well as human culture to make sure it will still exist in the future (= Conservation).

Help local businesses and people to produce and to live in ways which are both environmentally and socially sustainable – appropriate to their culture (= Development). Supply people with tools and information on how to become more environment-friendly and sustainable, as well as research and monitor different topics which concern the biosphere reserve (= Logistic support).

These are the three main functions of a biosphere reserve in general.
Read about the projects on which the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve is focusing in terms of conservation, development and logistic support: AEGP, ASPNet, and LIRA respectively Regional Planning. And check out our partners with whom we are pleased to be working!

Download the summary of our Annual Report 2012.

Field Trip in The Buffer Zone
Field Trip in the Buffer Zone








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