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ASPNet – Learning for a Better Living

Measuring the Water Quality
Measuring the Water Quality

The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPNet) is an international program which is implemented in over 9,000 educational institutions in 180 countries. The goals are to impart necessary skills and tools to children and young people:

  • to enable them to become more aware of world issues and their solutions with themes such as conflict, poverty, the environment, human rights, world health and cultural diversity (Learning to Know)

  • to involve them in seeking and collecting information, analyzing it and drawing conclusions, through which they learn problem solving techniques, non-violent conflict resolution, creativity and effective communication skills (Learning to Do)

  • to reinforce the values necessary for students to become responsible global citizens (Learning to Be)

  • to reinforce the need to live together in peace and dignity by confirming a sense of identity, self worth and self confidence combined with a respect for other cultures (Learning to Live Together).

More information can be found on the UNESCO ASPNet website.

ASPNet within the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

Hafford Central School was the first educational institution in Saskatchewan to participate in the ASPNet. The school is located in the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve which offers great opportunities to teach students the uniqueness of nature and the need to protect it.

Examination of Macro Invertebrates
Examination of
Macro Invertebrates

Through this collaboration various projects have been realized. One was on how changes impact the health and well-being of the flora and fauna in a closed watershed like Redberry Lake. Students from Hafford Central School, along with Watershed Authority and Biosphere Reserve personnel, monitored the water in major creeks flowing into Redberry Lake. They tested the water for dissolved oxygen, phosphates and nitrates and examined macro invertebrates found in the creek.
Furthermore, the ASPNet will strengthen the link between itself and Biosphere Reserve to educate young people what biosphere reserves are and what they are for.

Would you like to learn more about the ASPNet or do you have any questions? Contact Diane Hawrysh, Provincial Coordinator of ASPNet.

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