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Agri-Environmental Group Plan (AEGP) –
Funding for Sustainable Farming

Bale Grazing
Bale Grazing
Solar Powered 
Winter Watering System
Solar Powered
Winter Watering System
Calf Shelter
Calf Shelter

The Agri-Environmental Group Plan (AEGP) is an initiative under Growing Forward 1 (2008-March 2013) and Growing Forward 2 (launched in April 2013).

Growing Forward 2 is a federal-provincial-territorial policy framework of agricultural programs. In Saskatchewan the AEGP initiative addresses and encourages producers to implement Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) in order to reduce negative impacts on soil, water, air, and biodiversity. Under GF 2 the AEGP program was handed over to the watershed groups in the Province. For producers in the former Redberry Lake AEGP area (under Growing Forward 1) the North Saskatchewan River Basin Council (NSRBC) will now help with technical assistance. Please visit the NSRBC website for more information and the technician in your area.

Details for the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP) and Farm Stewardship Program Funding (FSP) for the duration of the Growing Forward 2 Program can be inquired at or call toll free at 1-877-874-5365 or email



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