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Home - News - Redberry Lake Honored with Land of Living Skies Award
Land of Living Skies AwardMarch 16, 2010

Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve honored with Land of Living Skies Award

Yesterday was a remarkable day for the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve: It received the Land of Living Skies Award at the 21st Annual Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence Gala in Saskatoon. Together with the recipients of the thirteen other categories the Redberry Lake Biosphere was honored for its achievements of the past year. The Land of Living Sky Award recognizes the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve as “a tourism business that has demonstrated innovative efforts to prevent and reduce the environmental impacts of their business operations through planning and practice.” The winners of each category serve as an example for others.

The Certificate and Award
The Certificate and Award

Nominated by the West Central Tourism Association the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve received the Award for its project of installing obelisks with information placards along the Millennium Trail in Redberry Lake Regional Park. The information on each of the 16 signs was researched, designed and hand-painted by local artistic youth and depicts some of the variety of flora and fauna that make the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve home. The trail winds through the Park, which is located in the core area of the Biosphere Reserve. Additionally pamphlets and information packages were created which educate residents and visitors on safe hiking practices in a protected area such as this. This project also involved the creation of major highway signage (currently being installed) which will be situated along highways that pass through the Biosphere Reserve so visitors will know when they have entered it. These signs were also designed and hand-painted by artistic youth in the community.

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